Love food, enjoy life…

As a nutrition and food consultant, I work with individuals and groups from my base in Athlone and locations throughout Ireland to help improve their state of health, and with restaurants and food producers to help improve the nutritional content of their offerings. The nutritional benefits, the flavour and the enjoyment of food are all equally important to me and as such, I encourage all my clients to develop a passion for sourcing, cooking and tasting good quality foods.

The food you eat has a profound impact on your state of physical and mental health, it is our only fuel and it needs to be top quality! As one top athlete put very succinctly “if you bought a Ferrari, you would not fill it up with poor quality fuel, you would only feed it the very best”. Try eating nutritious foods and improve your health and mood greatly.



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Something in our tap water?

I’ve a real bee in my bonnet about the fluoridation of our water right now; partly because of the impending water charges but mostly because, since returning to Ireland, I have been stunned by the frighteningly high prevalence of thyroid [...]

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Recipe of the week

Energising (& really tasty) Bircher Muesli

My current favourite breakfast – easy to prepare, tastes delicious and is highly nutritious. It makes a great summer alternative to porridge. Mix everything in a large bowl the night before and leave in the fridge over-night. Soaking [...]

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